Guddai!!! What’s this “Give An Aussie A Go” site about anyway?

Well, since around the turn of the century (the 21st one – 1999 to be exact) we’ve been on the Internet helping to promote many things that have a uniquely “Australian” flavour!

In the past, we’ve featured unique Aussie businesses, unique Aussie products, and great Aussie towns and destinations!

We’ve only just recently completed a major revamp of the website to allow us to help get the good “word” out about even more Aussie businesses!

Our focus continues to be on providing you with even more information about the latest and greatest Aussie websites!

And we will continue doing this to encourage you to support can support local Aussie business… because that’s very important!

You don’t have to “buy” anything… just make sure you visit the Australian websites which interest you, and give them a chance to get your business :)

Oh… and by the way…

Thanks very much for Giving these Aussies a go :)

Stephen Spry

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