Water Powered Cars NOW!

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Aussies apparently lead the way in turning water into energy which, considering most our our “lucky country” is desert, is just a little strange…

I was surprised to learn that University of Queensland researchers have been able to turn dirty dishwater into electricity [1] since 2005, and even more amazed to hear they’ve found a way to make power from beer [2] of all things.

Prince Charles also hit the news with reports of having his 38 year old Aston Martin converted to run on wine [3] It’s funny trying to imagine bottles of Bollinger being poured into his gas tank, but he actually uses the “leftover” wine from a nearby winery and converts it to bio-fuel.

We’ve been looking at alternate ways to power our motor vehicles since, well… forever… but when the price of gas hits all time highs as it has done recently… it should come at no surprise that you can now very easily convert your car to run on water (either completely, or partly).

Yes – seriously — WATER!

Apparently… water can burn (quite well actually – even better than gasoline)!

And with a few items that can be picked up from a local hardware or auto supply shop for under $200, anyone can convert their car to run on water!

These HHO water fuel kits can be used to vastly increase the fuel economy of petrol or diesel powered vehicles (yes – cars AND big trucks as well!)

And just a couple of litres of water lasts for ages and can result in increases of up to 75% in your fuel economy – so there’s some great savings to be made there if you do a fair bit of driving!

Heck, with interest rates going through the roof… and the cost of living skyrocketing because of increased petrol prices… this is one area where you CAN take control and bite back!

Convert your car to run on water… and make some pretty good savings as well! It’s a much cheaper option than buying a brand new hybrid vehicle to do your bit for the environment!

Oh… and there’s a great new home employment opportunity happening here… All around the world, savvy people are setting themselves up in business and doing the conversions for those of us who aren’t mechanically minded!

But you know… all of this water powered stuff is NOT new technology 🙂 Kiwi Steve Ryan (not quite an Aussie, but our close neighbour) was on 60 Minutes in 2005 with his motorcycle that runs only on water!

And way back in the early 1990’s, in an American TV news report, Stan Meyer demonstrated a 4 cylinder dune buggy using only water as fuel.

It seems we’ll be chasing alternate fuel sources forever… and whether one of them ever becomes mainstream… well that’ll probably be up to the oil companies, once they’ve made as much money as they can from their main polluting fossil fuel based products!

Interesting Fact: Apparently HHO Gas (or Brown’s Gas) is a water fuel technology that’s been around for over 100 years! Hmmmm…. makes me wonder just who has been suppressing this technology???