Moving with Pets? Don’t Pass Up These Tips!

Moving house can be a pretty rough time for anyone… including your pets. I’ve heard quite a few (sometimes funny) stories of what can happen to animals when you move. And a couple of my own moves have been more than “memorable” when my pets decide they don’t want to play!

It is very interesting when you start packing your things up… your pets will become very inquisitive about everything, especially cats and boxes! They certainly know that something is happening! So pay some extra attention to your pets while you are packing so they can be assured things are still “normal”.

The last thing you want is the household moggie deciding to disappear the night before you are actually moving!

So if they haven’t had the experience of a pet carrier before… make sure you get them used to it for a few days (or even longer) while you are packing. Put their favourite blanket and toys etc in the carrier. Encourage them to sleep in it if possible, as it is likely they could be spending some time in it while the actual “move” is happening… or even for a few days after!

On the actual moving day, put your pet and carrier in an empty room and SHUT the door! Put a sign up reminding everyone to NOT open the door, as the last thing you want is the dog or cat running for the hills through the open front door of the house as the removalists (or yourself) load up the van/trailer etc!

Depending on how far you have to travel… make sure you have plenty of food and water available for the actual journey.

If it is only a short local move… it might be best to leave the pet till the last load… so that when they arrive at the new house, they will “see” all your stuff there and know they are in the right place. This should help them settle into the new place a lot quicker.

As to when you decide to let your pets out of the new house to roam around… the first thing is to check that there are no holes in the fences your dog can escape through. Take them for a walk with a lead on as early as possible so they get to know the new neighbourhood.

With cats… keep them inside for a couple of days before letting them go outside so they too become familiar with their new surroundings.

After the move… don’t forget your old vet – any medical records etc, along with updating your pets microchip with your new details.

And if you’ve moved into a new Council area… you will also need to update any animal registrations with the new local Council.

Good luck with moving your pets! It’s not as hard as some might have you believe… even if you are moving them over long distances.

Proper preparation will make help everything go smoothly 🙂



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