Looking for a Medical Centre in Port Macquarie?

It’s not funny… but when I recently went to look for a medical centre in Port Macquarie, I couldn’t find one on Google.

Well, that’s not quite true…

I couldn’t find any links to any actual medical centre websites!

Sure – I found literally HUNDREDS of those “listings” you’d expect in the local phone books… but they really don’t help much when you are trying to choose which health provider/doctor you should go to do they?

Thankfully a recent local newspaper report led me to find the great people at Westside Medical Centre.

Just around the corner from the Port Macquarie Base Hospital in 11 Highfields Circuit, it’s been set up by an enterprising local GP, Dr Debbie Kors.

And unlike a lot of other local doctors, Westside Medical Centre doesn’t have “closed books” so is always accepting new patients 🙂

If you’re looking for a medical centre in Port Macquarie… give Westside a call on 02 6581 3007 to arrange an appointment!



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